[*] Confined Space Entry 

[*] A comprehensive, full-motion multimedia training program from Interactive Media Communications to help your employees to work safely in confined spaces. Real-life dramatization offer realistic scenarios that make the learning engaging and effective for the student.



[*]Course Outline:

This one-disc CD-ROM course includes a short, "Compliance" track and a longer "Comprehensive" track. (Item # 3312-A)

UNIT 1: Confined Space Overview

UNIT 2: Preparing for Entry

UNIT 3: Permit Entry


Designed to highlight those areas which may require additional review.

IMC's Confined Space Entry: "Safe Entry... Safe Return!" Training Program won a Bronze medal at the AVC "Cindy" Multimedia Awards.

For more information, please contact:

Interactive Media Communications, Inc.
Email: imc@safetysite.com

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