Features of IMC Multimedia Training Programs


IMC's programs offer the following important features:

There are certain key ingredients that must be present in order for a multimedia program to be an effective training solution.
[*] Full-motion MPEG digital video on CD-ROM or server
Research has shown that dramatic live-action video scenarios can be an extremely effective tool in stimulating learner interest and retention of instructional material. To achieve this result, live-action digital video should not be "jerky," unclear or out-of-focus, or displayed in a small window on the screen. IMC's high-quality, MPEG digital video run at 30 frames-per-second ("full-motion") video on the screen -- without distracting control buttons to clutter the screen -- even on your company's old existing Pentium 133 PC systems.
[*] Sound instructional design
Unlike videotape programs which are designed to give all viewers identical information in a linear format, interactive multimedia programs should take full advantage of branching and remediation paths to create a customized learning path for each student. This means you should avoid programs that are based on repurposed videotape, because they offer limited branching capabilities. IMC designs its courses from the ground up, in order to maximize the functionality of the training format. There are several layers of remediation in IMC's programs, including immediate feedback of test questions and after-test review. We reinforce the objectives throughout the course, and present real life applications of the material.
[*] Accurate and up-to-date content
You want your training programs to reflect current regulations and standards. You also want the dramatizations to show current methods and equipment, not outdated models. IMC programs are developed in conjunction with leading independent experts and Fortune 500 companies. Each IMC courses has been thoroughly reviewed and updated to reflect the latest compliance and regulatory information.
[*] Administrative features
At the very least, you should be able to print reports of training records. But what about setting passing scores, letting students skip sections or test out of the program if they show mastery of the material, or making the pre-test optional? Good programs offer a lot of administrative flexibility. IMC's newest administration utility -- TRACS -- gives you unparalleled registration, reporting, and setup capabilities.
[*] Customization
Off-the-shelf programs do not always provide the total training solution you need. It is important that you have the ability to easily and seamlessly combine the interactive program material with supplemental material you already have. You don't have time to learn computer programming just to insert a few lines about your company's safety policy. IMC's new customization utility -- ICE III -- makes customization easy. This menu driven program lets you add, delete, or change course material at almost any point in the course!
[*] Book marking
What happens if your employee begins the course and has to leave? Does he/she have to start at the beginning next time or remember where he/she was? Not with IMC programs. Our book marking feature enables students to complete the course in multiple sessions, quickly returning them to where they left off in the program.
[*] Technical support and documentation
When you buy a new program, you want to have more than just installation instructions. That's why IMC courses come with a comprehensive Courseware Administrator's Guide, which not only covers installation, but explains all of the settings, functions, and controls in the program. And our professional technical support staff can assist you with any hardware or IMC courseware questions you may have.

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