Integrated Customization Engine III

[*]Add company-specific text, graphics, audio and video. You can also delete location's in the course with IMC's  ICE III.

Now you can add your own company information, like policies and special procedures -- using text, graphics, even digital audio and video -- with IMC’s new ICE III Engine.

Add a digital video sequence detailing a procedure unique to your company...... or include site-specific questions in the lesson exercises or tests.

IMC’s Integrated Customization Engine III makes it easier than ever before for you to personalize your IMC courseware, making it even more relevant to your organization.

[*]This new powerful program makes it easy for you to add and delete information to IMC courses, by yourself, right in your own office.

Using the ICE III Editor, IMC gives you three methods to customize your course:

Basic Mode
A simple way to quickly add custom text, graphics, audio and video to preset locations within a course.
Interactive Mode
Add, delete or change course material at almost any place within an IMC course.[*]
Quick View Mode
Lets you look at what you have done with the course and  allows you to make changes to those location quickly.

[*][*] ICE III wizards walk you through a step-by-step procedure to efficiently add or delete custom content to the course so you can keep up with any OSHA or company changes that impact you.

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