[*] The Driver Safety Training Program

[*] A comprehensive training program from Interactive Media Communications designed to help employees become better prepared to deal with the challenges of safe driving and learn to avert accidents and injuries on the road. Shot on location around the U.S., this innovative program has been adopted by numerous corporations and recognized by the insurance industry as an important tool in improving the quality of driver education.

[*]Course Outline:

The Defensive Driver Training Series includes four individually-sold VHS videotapes that cover the following material:

Tape 1: Before You Drive (Item # 3311-1)

Tape 2: Defensive Driving Techniques (Item # 3311-2)

Tape 3: Hazards on the Road (Item # 3311-3)

Tape 4: Special Maneuvers (Item # 3311-4)

[*]Like the CD-ROM, IMC's VHS videotape version of the Driver Safety Training Program contains the same engaging dramatizations of real-life scenarios with live action video and audio, high quality graphics and animation.

The accompanying Student Workbook (Item # 3052) contains practice questions and exercises to test the learner's understanding of the material presented throughout the course, as well as additional reference material.

The program is available as a complete set including Tape 1, Tape 2, Tape 3, Tape 4, and the Student Workbook. (Item # 3611-A4)

This VHS videotape product is normally sold in NTSC format. Contact IMC for PAL format.

For more information, please contact:

Interactive Media Communications, Inc.
Email: imc@safetysite.com

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