[*] The Lockout/Tagout Training Program

[*] A comprehensive videotape/study guide training program from Interactive Media Communications to help safeguard workers against injury from accidents caused by improper lockout/tagout procedures.

[*]Course Outline:

This course includes the following sections:

TAPE 1: Fundamentals of Lockout/Tagout (Item # 3609-1)

Lesson 1: Introduction to Lockout/Tagout

Lesson 2: General Procedures

Tape 2: Energy Specific Lockout/Tagout (Item # 3609-2)

Lesson 3: Lockout/Tagout of Various Energy Sources

[*] Like the CD-ROM, IMC's VHS videotape version of the Lockout/Tagout Training Program contains the same engaging dramatizations of real-life scenarios with live action video and audio, high quality graphics and animation.

The accompanying Study Guide (Item # 3053) contains practice questions and exercises to test the learner's understanding of the material presented throughout the course, as well as additional reference material.

The program is available as a complete set including Tape 1, Tape 2, and the Study Guide. (Item # 3609-A2)

This VHS videotape product is normally sold in NTSC format. Contact IMC for PAL format.

For more information, please contact:

Interactive Media Communications, Inc.
Email: imc@safetysite.com

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