[*] Training Administration and Compliance System (TRACS)

[*] Regulatory compliance doesn’t end with training.

Documentation and reporting are important components to the mix.

TRACS is a major new member of the IMC Courseware Library. With TRACS, IMC offers a truly intelligent solution to help you keep track of administrative requirements.

The TRACS system gives you tremendous flexibility and capability to improve and streamline your registration, performance tracking and reporting procedures. And it fully supports LAN networking of data, so you can track and review your trainees’ progress anywhere on the network.

TRACS gives you unprecedented control over registration and reporting. Pre-register your students over your network to save time. Prepare training logs and reports with a few simple mouse clicks. Other features let you view ongoing training results and performance for any registered student, for each and every course in your training regimen. Once you have specified a set of students and sorted the data, you can quickly and easily print detailed reports to help you meet the requirements of OSHA, to schedule refresher training, and for other needs.

[*]TRACS offers the following key features:

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